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Rear view mirror monitor with reverse camera incl. installation

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Prijs €399 incl. inbouw

The rearview mirror monitor with rear camera installation specialist Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer and Hoofddorp.

Do you want to have a rear-view camera system installed in your car, but do you not have a big view where possible?

The highest quality rearview mirror monitor with reversing camera for your car. Never drive damage again due to poor visibility.

Sometimes it is not possible to place in a car because there is a large display where you can display the image. This is because there is simply no large screen because there are no possibilities to display it. In these cases, a rear-view mirror image screen, also called rear view mirror with reversing camera, is the perfect solution.

The rear-view mirror monitor is placed over the eternal interior mirror. This is very sturdy and is not a screen placed over it. The advantage is that you can leave the current rearview mirror. You can return the car in its original state afterwards if you start selling the car.

We can install a reversing camera system with rear view mirror for every type of car and company van.

Features of the rear-view mirror monitor with reversing camera:

- To place each car of a company car
- Does not take extra space
- High Quality
- Interior mirror display with reversing camera
- Very clear reduction of the reversing image
- System can be disassembled again afterwards

Our features:

- Years of experience
- Specialist staff
- Sharp prices
- Free loan car
- Luxury waiting area

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Here you can see a demo of the rearview monitor with rear view camera:

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