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Car alarm installation

The car alarm installation specialist region Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer and Hoofddorp.

We provide the installation of the best SCM certified alarm and vehicle tracking systems in your car.


Features of the car alarm systems:

- Best protection against burglary and theft
- An alarm works preventively on burglars
- Much safer than an original alarm system
- installed invisibly
- Suitable for every car brand and 100% error-free
- SCM approved for the insurance
- 5 years of installation warranty

An approved SCM car alarm not only scares off thieves, but often it is also necessary to have your car properly insured with your insurance company.

We take care of the installation of car alarm systems from the renowned brand Defa and Cobra and work with the vehicle full systems with Technocon and Farringwell. This is because we support the quality and reliability of these A-class alarm systems.

SCM auto alarm inbouw specialist


Which class of car alarm should you choose?


The choice of a car alarm depends for the most part on the type of car, your wishes and how popular your car is for theft. In most cases, your insurance company will determine which alarm system you need to have at least built in to be properly insured.

Our advice is to go minimally for an SCM class 3 alarm (interior security + doors and tailgate + inclination angle detection). An SCM class 4 or 5 (vehicle tracking system) is only necessary if the insurance requires it unless you want to be able to track where your car is after theft.

We build all class SCM alarm and feed out systems for virtually every brand and type of car.


Explanation of the alarm and vehicle tracking systems:


SCM class 1 immobilizer

This type of car alarm contains a double immobilizer that ensures that your car can not be started without the right key / remote control. The car can not start before you switch off the alarm.

SCM class 2 alarm

A class 2 alarm alarm also offers an audible alarm in addition to the Class 1 immobilizer that warns when the doors, bonnet or tailgate are opened. Click here for more information.

SCM class 3 alarm

A class 3 alarm has all the functions of a class 2 and adds an excellent extra security. This car alarm has a tilt detector that ensures that the alarm goes off when the car is jacked-up or lifted. As a result, the car can not be removed in its entirety, and your rims are also protected against theft. Click here for more information.

SCM class 4 Vehicle tracking system

This installation combines a class 1 start inhibitor with a vehicle tracking system, with which your car can be traced throughout Europe and tracked via the control room. Click here for more information.

SCM class 5 alarm + vehicle tracking system

A car alarm class 5 is the best and most comprehensive security namely a class 3 alarm linked to a class 4 vehicle tracking system. In addition to the standard operation of a class 4 alarm, a class 5 means that a report goes to the monitoring station when the alarm is activated. Click here for more information.

* From 2015, an additional authorization is required by the SCM for a class 2, 3 and 5 alarm. Extra authorization is an additional permission that the car may be started. This is done on the basis of an extra hand transmitter. This makes it virtually impossible for thieves to steal the car by means of modern theft equipment, for example: OBD killers, Polenschlussels, etc. We therefore always recommend to activate as this is what makes the car so extra well protected.

Car alarm installation prices:


- Class 1 immobilizer incl. SCM certificate € (is already standard in most modern cars)

- Class 2 alarm incl. SCM certificate € 599

- Class 3 alarm incl. SCM certificate € 659

- Class 4 vehicle tracking system incl. SCM certificate € 599 *

- Class 5 alarm + vehicle tracking system incl. Certificate from € 749 **

Prices include VAT.

* If there is a valid class 1 alarm in the car.
** Price depending on the current car alarm.



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