Your car upgrade en performance specialist region of Amsterdam.


We are the Chevrolet chiptuning specialist region Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Aalsmeer.

Every Chevrolet we chip tune the software is custom written. Account is held with the unique data (chassis number, original factory settings, automatic transmission, mileage) of your vehicle and your specific needs.

The chiptuning software is specially written and tested with a four-wheel power bank. This is primarily taken into account for the mechanical and thermal load on both the motor and the drive train so that they are not overloaded or exceeded. The power optimization fits perfectly with the original software.

The software we use meets the TÜV and DEKRA requirements. Therefore, we also guarantee that the service life of the engine is not adversely affected

On this page you will find an overview of all Chevrolet models for which we can provide more torque and power by optimization. By chiptuning the Chevrolet it will increase driving comfort, power and torque. Because the efficiency of the engine increases fuel consumption will decrease significantly. Is your car not listed please contact us.

Select the model and engine variant of your Chevrolet: