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Car audio installation

The car audio installation specialist region of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Aalsmeer.


Are you looking for a high-end car audio system for your car?


A car audio system is even more expensive car brands are not what you would expect for what they ask. Not even the honor extensive audio packs that sell car brands are not worth what it promises. Many of our customers are not satisfied with it and opt for a high-end audio upgrade that meets their standards.


Vehicle specific car audio upgrades:


Gladen car audio has car specific audio upgrades available for VW, Audi and BMW. These systems are composed by audio specialists to create the best sound in your car. Besides the Gladen car audio products, we work with: Mosconi, Exact!, Hertz and German Maestro. In addition to online sales of these systems, we also provide professional installation.


 Gladen car audio speakers - Pro Car Tuning

Car audio upgrade plan:


A car audio upgrades are in different price ranges. We can only replace the speakers in your car or install a complete system with an amplifier and a subwoofer to complement the bass. In addition, there is also the possibility to control the system with a DSP. A DSP is a digital equalizer that can control each channel separately.


There are many options for an audio upgrade:

- Speaker Upgrade
- Isolereren the doors with silent coat
- Amplifier
- Subwoofer

We are official dealer of the following car audio brands:


- Gladen car audio
- Exactly!
- Mosconi
- German Maestro Marine audio
- Hertz
- German Maestro Car Audio


We are located in Aalsmeer near Schiphol so just come along for a free price quote and a fresh cup of coffee.

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