Your car upgrade en performance specialist region of Amsterdam.

Body kit fitting and painting

The body kit specialist region of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Aalsmeer.

Looking for a body kit for your VW, Audi, Seat, BMW, Mercedes or Porsche? We have a wide choice of tuner and aftermarket body kits. We have made a selection of the best known and the best quality body kits. We offer only the highest quality body kits.

We have years of experience in installing these body kits. If you like we can send you some example photo's of projects we have done.

Examples of aftermarket body kits:

- VW GTI R R20 R32 ED30
- Audi RS S-line
- Mercedes AMG
- Seat Cupra
- BMW M3 M5 M-tech

We are official dealer from the following brands:

- Hofele
- JE Design
- Hamann
- G-Power
- Prior Design
- Lumma Design
- Kahn Design
- Oettinger
- Rieger
- Kerscher

Painting and assembly options:

We are specialized in the spraying and fitting of body kits. We only use paint that are also used by the original car manufacturers to ensure the correct color. The assembly is provided by experienced engineers who have years of experience in placing aftermarket and tuner body kits. The placing of these body kits is an art and there is a lot of experience involved.

Assembly and painting prices:

- Painting replica bodykit € 650
- Assembly replica bodykit € 250
- Painting tuner bodykit € on demand
- Assembly tuner bodykit € on demand

Our advantages:

- Skilled employees
- Full warranty
- Available rental cars
- Years of experience in tuning and aftermarket/tuning body kits

We are located in Aalsmeer near Schiphol so just come along for a free price quote for placing a body kit on your car or call us on +31(0)297-269594 or email us via the contact form below for a free price quote.

Our address:

Pro Car Tuning
Aalsmeerderweg 285g
1432CN Aalsmeer



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