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Plasti Dip paintwork prices

We as Plasti Dip specialist can spraypaint parts of your car and rims in a different color.

This is many times cheaper than painting your car traditional paint. The big advantage is that the Plasti Dip is removable without damage. It also protects the parts that are painted with Plasti Dip. It also protects the rims in winter time against winter influences.

Note that the paint of the car is for at least six months old should when you want to paint is with Plasti Dip. Plasti Dip is a temporary solution that with proper maintenance stays good for about eighteen months. We give six months warranty on the paintwork.

We spray only individual parts of cars-including the mirrors, rims, grills and emblems.

Would you like a whole car of a different color, we recommend that you carwrap the car. More information about car-wrapping can be found here.

Plasti Dip is the finest in the matt version. The gloss Plasti Dip is very rubbery and feels rough. We therefore advise choosing one of the matte colors.

Plasti Dip spray prices:

- Wheels € 200 (15 t / m 19 inches)
- Wheels € 250 (20 t / m 22 inches)

- Mirror € 65

- Emblems Front € 45
- Logos back € 45
- Grill € 75

Prices include VAT and are only an indication. Please contact us for an exact price.

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