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Tow bar with installation

The towbar mounting specialist in the region of Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Aalsmeer.


We have a suitable towbar for almost every type of car, camper and Van of the highest quality. The towbars we assemble are from original quality, because we are working with original equipment manufacturers. Our tow bars are suitable for caravans, trailers, tent trailers and bike carriers.


brink towbar montage specialist


We work with the towbars of the renowned brands Bosal and Brink ( formerly Thule ), which are producers from Dutch origin, and also major original equipment manufacturers. The towbars we provide are tested and approved according to the European directive 94/20 EC. This approval assures optimal safety, durability and quality of our towbars at all times. The quality of these factories worldwide ISO / TS 16949 accredited .


A towbar on your vehicle is always useful. Of course for the caravan or motor home at the holidays. But also for a trailer or just with a bicycle rack.


In many cases, there is something for every car make/model a choice of towbars. A rigid drawbar and removable or even a swing- hitch. To make the right choice we will give you an expert opinion on what your situation is the best towbar.


different car towbars 


Different type of towbars:


verschillende type trekhaken


1. Standard model towbar
The standard towbar is integral with the car and the tow bar can be removed with a simple wrench. This type of trailer hitch is ideal for intensive use.


2. Horizontal detachable towbar
The bullet of a horizontal detachable towbar is easy to assemble and disassemble. These acts are to perform one handed. If the towbar is removed only a small cap visible.


3. Vertical towbar
A vertical detachable towbar is completely invisible when it is disassembled. Even the socket hidden behind the bumper. The removable portion can be assembled and disassembled very easily.


4. Trailer towbar with flange ball
This hitch system is ideally suited for heavy-duty work. Usually the flange systems are used for commercial and off-road vehicles. The standard version has a two-hole installation, but can be modified in many cases an expansion set in a four-hole installation so that the height of the ball can be adjusted.


5. Towbar for compact and hybrid cars
No towbar allowed? Car manufacturers invest in a green future by introducing hybrid and compact cars. Often, the fitting of a towbar is not allowed by the manufacturers of these cars. For this purpose developed a special mounting bracket. On the bullet a bicycle carrier can be mounted. However, towing a trailer or caravan is not possible. Including tow ball and cable. Suitable for all conventional bicycle carriers.


6. Retractable Towbar
The turnable towing hitch is the most convenient hitch system that is; for whom no hitch wants to see, but would have immediately at hand. The tow ball has to swing away and is ready in seconds. The locking takes place with a distinct signaling.


Bike carriers
Besides towbars assembly we also provide approved bicycle carriers from the famous brands Thype and Bosal.



We offer professional towbar assembly in our garage.



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